Willoughby Community Menís Shed strives to be an inclusive organisation.

There is a strict Safety Policy. All Members, no matter what their background, must be accredited by a Shed Supervisor to use any machine tool in the Shed. This applies equally for Members who have strong workshop backgrounds to the total novice.

The Shed relies on Members who have skills to teach those who do not. In this way Members of the Shed are continually passing on expertise to others and vice versa. We have Members with a lifetimeís experience in boat building, house building, engineering, and teaching. When put together they make a very effective team.


In order to function efficiently and safely the Shed has established a supervisory structure for each day of operation, including:

- a Shed Supervisor, who has overall responsibility for the Shed on that day.

- other Supervisors, who assist Members with training and projects.

- a Maintenance Officer, who make sure all the machines tools are working correctly.

- a First Aid Officer, who applies "Bandaids" when required.

The Shed also has a Committee which meets on the fifth Thursday of the month, this generally works out to be once every two months.

Members are encouraged to take an active role in managing the Shed and are welcome to offer suggestions, compliments and criticsms whenever it is felT necessary.


To access a copy of the Shed Safety Posters click on the link below.

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